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Checklist of Symptoms

Checklist of Symptoms of Head Injury following Trauma

Please review this list to check whether and to what degree you have experienced any of the following head trauma symptoms since your injury. Note down any of the head trauma symptoms you are experiencing on this list. It is very important to document your injury symptoms for use later should enter into a personal injury lawsuit:




Preexisting Problem


Loss of Consciousness
Blurred Vision
Sleep Disorder
Memory Loss
Concentration Loss
Sensitivity to Noise
Temperament Change
Loss of Motivation
Speech Problems (Word Finding)
Speech Problems (Pronouncing Words)
Unable to Control Emotions
Loss of Math Ability
Sexual Dysfunction
  • Do you have difficulty remembering names?
  • Do you have difficulty remembering your telephone number?
  • Do you have remember your birth date or those of family members?
  • Can you repeat a series of numbers given to you?

If you answered 'YES' to more than one of these questions on the list above, you may be demonstrating symptoms of a traumatic brain injury

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about traumatic brain injury (TBI), contact our law offices in Hartford, Connecticut, to schedule a free consultation about your serious head injury claim. We will provide a full and clear explanation of how Connecticut law affects your case - (860) 232-9959. From Farmington to Manchester, Newington to Hartford, we're here to seek justice for you.

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