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Vehicle Accident Information Center

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Crash Information Center: Motor Vehicles

Recently involved in a car, motorcycle, truck or bike crash? What should you do first after an accident? What are your rights under Connecticut law? Do you have a potential lawsuit? How much money can you potentially collect? Welcome to the Polinsky Law Firm Vehicle Accident Information Center, a resource to help guide you after an accidental crash.

The ‘Crash Information Center’ is brought to you by The Polinsky Law Group, LLC team of personal injury lawyersare dedicated to helping victims and their families in wrongful death and accident injury cases involving vehicle crashes. Located in Hartford and serving clients throughout Connecticut, our attorneys are ready toassist you or your loved ones claim full and fair damages for injuries sustained in a commercial truck, car or motorcycle crashes. We also are highly experienced in assisting bicycle crash injury victims. With more than 40 years of experience representing accident victims, we have the experience and resources to pursue a successful recovery of damages on your behalf.

We welcome you to contact us at (860) 232-9959 for a free case evaluation. We work under a contingency mode of payment meaning you will only pay after we help you win your claim.

Car Accidents: An Overview

Car accidents can cause the loss of property, time, health and even life itself. Some of the causes of vehicle accidents include driver negligence, errors in judgment, manufacturer defects, distracted driving ( i.e. texting ), and Connecticut’s harsh weather conditions. It doesn't matter what the cause of the accident is, a truck or car accident will often cause a normal day to turn into a long struggle. The best thing you can do to help improve your situation right away is to schedule a free case consultation with a Polinsky Law Group, LLC injury attorney. Our Hartford law office serves injury victims throughout Connecticut. We will explain your rights, your options, answer any questions you might have and inform you on the specific details involved in pursuing your potential personal injury case.

What You Should Know About Accident Injuries and Compensation

It is the right of any motorcycle, bike, truck or automobile accident victim who has suffered bodily injuries to seek monetary compensation for damages and injuries. Because cases of this nature are determined by the available evidence, it isn't always easy to prove who is at fault. However, an experienced attorney like those on our staff will assist you by analyzing your case and discussing with you on some of the legal options. Learn more about damages and compensation.

Do's and Don'ts During an Insurance Claim

It is always advisable to proceed with care when you decide to make an auto insurance claim. This is because your actions and statements will greatly influence the amount of money you will receive. Read about what you should and shouldn't say to insurance company.

Do You Have a No-Fault Auto Insurance?

After an auto, truck or motorcycle accident, a driver with a no-fault car insurance cover can claim compensation for damages without considering who was at fault. No-fault insurance coverage is not available in all states, but those that have it also have strict laws in place that govern when, how long, and how much an injured person can receive.

What You Should Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident

After a car accident or other type of vehicle crash, you have the responsibility of making immediate and important decisions. However, for all the other decisions that you will have to make later, ensure that you have a qualified personal injury attorney in your corner to guide you through the whole process. What should you do right after the accident? Click here for help or call (860) 232-9959 in Hartford, Bristol, New Canaan and throughout Connecticut.

Want immediate help with your accident injury case? Contact us for a free case evaluation at (860) 232-9959. We work under a contingency mode of payment meaning you will only pay after we help you win your claim.

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