Picture of the Coronavirus pandemic

Is the Pandemic Causing More Traffic Accidents in Connecticut?

Did you know that traffic in Connecticut dropped by 50 percent at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic? Stay-at-home orders and lockdowns played a major role in this decrease, but not every traffic statistic fell. Compared to last year, traffic fatalities increased in 2020. So why are Connecticut auto accidents causing more fatalities? Our Hartford … Read More

Picture of an Ambulance Zooming Down the Street

Is Congress Going to Put Dangerous Self-Driving Cars on the Road?

Do you remember the Takata airbag recall? You should, it was the largest automotive recall in U.S. history, and it is still going on. Dangerous airbags that can hurt and kill drivers and passengers are still on the road, and another auto safety crisis could be on the horizon. Legislation could soon put dangerous self-driving … Read More

Two Cars Crashed in a Head-on collision

Is an Attorney Necessary After an Auto Accident?

A 46-year-old carpenter was driving down Route 32 when a 1999 Saab slammed into his Ford E350 van. This crash left the carpenter injured, dealing with pain and medical bills, but the other driver wasn’t insured well enough to handle the expenses. That’s when the man turned to his own insurance company to handle the … Read More

Picture of a Rollover Vehicle Accident Involving an SUV

How Could a Nonprofit Be Liable for a Drug Addict’s Car Crash?

A Colchester man was driving northbound on Interstate 91 when his Ford F-350 was struck by another vehicle. The resulting rollover crash was so violent that he did not survive. Now, the man’s father is seeking damages for the loss of his son. So why did he file his lawsuit against a nonprofit instead of … Read More

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