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Wethersfield Personal Injury Accident Lawyers

South of Polinsky Law Group, injury lawyers in Hartford Connecticut, 26,000 people have proudly chosen Wethersfield Connecticut as their permanent home. Known to many as the oldest town in the state of Connecticut, residents often find themselves surrounded by the richest of histories. In fact, the 2 square mile neighborhood known as Old Wethersfield holds the state record for the largest historical district in Connecticut. In addition to their dense history, Wethersfield is known for being rated the #5 best town in Connecticut for young families to live in. These families not only choose Wethersfield for its highly admired school systems, but also for its beautiful landscapes and waterfront areas such as the Wethersfield Cove.

In a town with so many places to go and activities to participate in, there is no question that a few accidents will occur along the way. No matter how careful you are, you can never truly predict when an unlikely event is going to occur. Whether it be at home, in the workplace, or in a local favorite such as Main Street Creamery, from slip and falls to car crashes to bike accidents, accidents can happen. However, dealing with an accident on your own is not as simple as it may appear to be. Not only will you have to analyze the extent of your own injuries, but you will also have to figure out how long your recovery will take, as well as the potential claim you possess against the insurance companies involved. Having a personal injury lawyer like those at Polinsky Law Group in your corner will take some of the burden away so you can fully focus all of your energy on the healing process.

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Although it may seem like a straightforward job, handling this on your own is no easy feat. There are many legalities involved in a personal injury case, and more often than not, you will find that some law firms have more experience dealing with situations such as yours. After all, why would you want to relinquish your own personal savings when you could actually be getting the money you deserve and more. Situations such as this prove why it is crucial to have a quality personal injury law firm like Polinsky Law Group LLC working on your side. With a team of experienced professional attorneys handling your case, you can be rest assured that you will be represented in the proper manner towards attaining a settlement on your behalf.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with injuries relating to a car accident, nursing home negligence, premises liability, workers’ compensation, catastrophic injuries such as traumatic spinal injury and brain injury, or even wrongful death, you deserve to be represented by injury attorneys with your best interests in mind. You are entitled to the same justice that we have been delivering to the residents of Wethersfield for over 25 years. At Polinsky Law, our slogan is “Don’t Get Hurt Twice…There’s More Than Money at Stake!”.

Contact our Hartford law office to discuss your concerns at (860) 253-2729. There is never a fee for an initial consultation in personal injury cases. If you do not recover monetary damages for your claim, you do not pay attorney’s fees for our services.

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