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Distracted Driving Is Dangerous

Accidents Caused By Texting And Cell Phone Use

As our society becomes more and more mobile, the ways we communicate are changing. Cell phones have begun to outnumber home phones. Texting allows a brief message to instantly travel to its recipient.

Although these technological advances have made life easier for many, serious repercussions have also reared their ugly heads. As cell phone usage and texting rates increase, car accidents caused by distracted drivers are also on the rise.

At Polinsky Law Group, LLC, in Hartford, Connecticut, we help clients who have been injured in accidents caused by texting and cell phone use. To discuss your case with an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact our Hartford firm. We offer free initial consultations and you will pay no attorney’s fees unless we secure compensation for you.

Cell Phones + Driving = Danger

Drivers are responsible for operating their cars and trucks in a safe manner. This is not possible when concentration is broken by a phone call or text message. Even one second of distraction away from the road can lead to dire consequences.

Cell phone and texting-while-driving accidents occur in the blink of an eye, causing serious injuries or the premature death of those involved. Perhaps the most unfortunate part of these devastating car accidents is the fact that they are entirely preventable.

Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident. If the other driver was using his or her cell phone, it may be possible to subpoena cell phone records and collect witness statements to show that the driver was distracted. We will leverage every resource to help you secure the compensation you need to cover medical costs, lost income and damages for your pain and suffering.

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Our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience handling motor vehicle accident claims in Connecticut. Contact our Hartford attorneys to discuss your case in a free initial consultation.

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