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Accident Due To Negligence On Snow Or Ice?

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Connecticut residents are all too familiar with the effects of ice and snow on our highways, and most of us simply accept the prospect of slippery highways and parking lots each winter. Unfortunately, winter also is the season for injuries that result from slips and falls due to snow and ice that has been allowed to accumulate in public areas such as sidewalks, entryways and parking areas.

Injuries That Can Occur Due To Falls

Injuries from slips on ice and falls or car crashes caused by snow and ice during the winter are usually fractures and sprains. While most of these injuries are usually minor and easily treated, there are some fractures that are not always immediately obvious:

If you slip on ice for example and try to break your fall with your hands, it can result in a fracture of a small bone near the thumb called the navicular bone. Fractures of the navicular may not show up on x-rays for up to six weeks after a fall.

Landing on your elbow can cause a “chip fracture” of an area known as the epicondyle of the humerus (the upper arm bone). Like navicular fractures, these injuries are sometimes difficult to detect by X-ray but can lead to long-term problems with the elbow.

A fall where you land on your buttocks can result in a compression fracture of the vertebrae in the lower back, which can lead to a lifetime of pain and disability.

Injuries from falls due to slipping on snow and ice are preventable if the property owner stays alert and takes measures to prevent their buildup. Since this is not always the case, an injury such as those mentioned here can occur.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident involving snow and/or ice or another type of slip and fall accident, do not sign any type of insurance claim release until you talk with a personal injury lawyer at the Polinsky Law Group, LLC. Our seasoned personal injury lawyers have years of experience in managing personal injury claims arising from snow and ice-related falls and will we will work with you to ensure that you receive the compensation for your injury that you deserve.

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