Dram Shop Liability

Serving Alcohol to the Visibly Impaired in Connecticut

Under the laws of Connecticut, a commercial establishment such as a bar, liquor store, or restaurant may be held liable for injuries or death that result from patrons who cause accidents while driving drunk. The laws were established several years ago with the expectation that businesses serving alcohol would have a financial incentive to pay attention to the amount of alcohol they served their patrons. The laws have raised awareness of DWI accidents and may even be helpful in reducing the number of alcohol-related accidents. Dram Shop laws involve civil, not criminal, law. If a drunk driver causes injuries, the victim can pursue a legal cause of action to include the establishment in a lawsuit to recover money damages.

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If you have been injured, or a family member has been injured, by a drunk driver, the personal injury lawyers of Polinsky Law Group LLC, Attorneys At Law, in Hartford, Connecticut, have the experience you need to help recover money from the responsible parties. We know how complex Dram Shop liability issues can become, as the commercial establishments will rely on several legal roadblocks trying to deny their liability. At Polinsky Law Group LLC, Attorneys At Law, you get more than just your lawyer working directly with you. In addition to our team of experienced attorneys and legal staff of professionals, your Dram Shop liability claim will receive the support of a network of independent insurance and medical experts. We have an excellent history of success in helping our clients recover full compensation for their injuries.

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You may not know whether your car accident injury case will be a Dram Shop case. If you notice that the other driver was visibly intoxicated, and was guilty of causing an accident because of being over the limit, we can help determine whether a commercial establishment should be included in the lawsuit for serving alcohol to an intoxicated customer.

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