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Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Connecticut Brain Damage Lawyer Represents Victims

Like many catastrophic injuries suffered in an accident, traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result in permanent disability or even the death of a loved one. For survivors of TBI, it can mean a lifetime of physical, emotional and mental disability, loss of independence and overwhelming economic damage for families. We can help when a driver suffers a brain injury in a car accident, a construction worker’s head injury ends a career or a fall at a nursing home results in brain damage.

The Connecticut traumatic brain injury attorneys at Polinsky Law Group, LLC, know the physical and legal problems TBI victims and their families can face through no fault of their own. We work closely with clients and their doctors, investigators, life care planners and other specialists to care for every need throughout this devastating type of personal injury case. Our goal is to protect your right to recover full and just compensation for your catastrophic injury.

Free Initial Consultation About Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Contact us for a free evaluation of your brain injury accident. Our firm offers the experienced representation and extensive resources needed to properly address the severe consequences of brain injury accidents involving:

We empathize with victims and their families struggling for answers and support following a brain stem or brain lobe injury. We know how the physical, cognitive and behavior changes impact everyone. From short- and long-term memory loss and vision changes to reduced mobility, and changes to family dynamic, our personal injury lawyers understand the difficulties clients will face for years to come. Finding the resources to address those challenges is where we can make a difference.

Learn more at our Brain Injury Information Center or view our checklist of symptoms of head Injury following trauma.

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