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Slip And Fall Injury?

Connecticut Falls And Back Injuries Lawyer

Falling down a staircase or slipping on standing water isn’t a laughing matter. Although television shows and movies often use trip-and-fall sight gags, there is nothing funny about the serious injuries that can result. If your fall injury was the result of a property owner ignoring a dangerous condition, you may be entitled to seek fair money damages for medical bills, lost earnings and pain that results from the accident. Polinsky Law Group, LLC, can help you protect your rights and fight for your best interests following a dangerous falling accident.

How Do You Know If The Property Owner Is Liable For Money Damages?

Under Connecticut law, the property owner must be aware of the dangerous condition and have the opportunity to clean up the spill or resolve the safety issue in a timely manner. If a jar of mayonnaise is broken in a grocery store and you slip on it and get injured a minute later, the store owners may not necessarily be held liable. On the other hand, if the mayonnaise was allowed to stand on the floor for several hours, and the owner ignored requests to clean it up, the injured person may have a justifiable claim for damages.

Free Initial Consultation About Your Slip-And-Fall Accident Injury Case And No Attorney Fees For Our Services If You Don’t Recover Money

Polinsky Law Group, LLC, provides a free consultation to assess your slip-and-fall accident to help you decide whether you may have a legitimate claim. We will provide an honest evaluation of your case. Our team will provide experienced, aggressive representation to ensure that your interests are protected. Most slip-and-fall accident cases result in a fair settlement offer out of court. If your interests are better served by taking your case to court, however, our attorneys have the experience and resources to prepare and present a clear and strong case for a jury verdict in your favor. When we meet to discuss your slip-and-fall accident, we will be proud to discuss our history of successful cases with you.

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If you have been injured in a fall on a construction site or another worksite, we can help you with your workers’ compensation claim. Contact our offices in Hartford, Connecticut, for a free consultation at 860-248-7807 about your falling accident, or send us an email. If you don’t recover money damages for your slip-and-fall accident injury, you won’t pay attorney fees for our services.

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