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Premises Liability Case?

Connecticut Slip-And-Fall Accidents Lawyer

Since 1985, the personal injury law firm of Polinsky Law Group, LLC, in Hartford, Connecticut, has been helping people recover compensation for injuries suffered as the result of negligence on the part of commercial business managers and property owners. By law, property owners have an obligation to ensure that visitors and invitees to their property are assured a reasonably safe and secure environment. This does not mean that every slip-and-fall injury is the fault of the owner and will result in money damages. It means that a person who is injured because of an unsafe condition, which the property owner failed to rectify, may be legally entitled to seek money damages.

Free Initial Consultation About Your Premises Liability Case-No Attorney’s Fees For Our Services If You Don’t Recover Money

When you meet with us for a free consultation about your injuries, we will provide you with a clear explanation of the law and how the courts are likely to view your premises liability claim. At Polinsky Law Group, LLC, we won’t give you a sales pitch to hire us. If you don’t have a strong case for recovering money, we will tell you. Your attorney will work with our complete team of trial lawyers, trained legal staff, and independent experts and engineers to prepare a strong case for a maximum settlement or jury verdict. We will be proud to discuss our history of successful cases when we meet to discuss your case.

We Provide Sound Legal Advice And Effective Representation For Premises Liability Injuries And Wrongful Death Resulting From:

We Have The Experience To Sort Out The Toughest Premises Liability Issues

It is becoming increasingly difficult to recover financial compensation for premises liability injuries. Property owners who were once held liable for damages may now point to contractors and subcontractors to confuse the issue of exactly who is liable for your injuries. Your personal injury attorney must have the experience to cut through the complex issues and prepare a case that will place liability clearly where it belongs. Contact our offices in Hartford, Connecticut, for a free consultation about how we can help you protect your rights after a premises liability injury. Don’t get hurt twice! We are ready to help.

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