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The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is a gut-wrenching decision. We like to think that the nursing home in which we choose to place our family members is treating our loved ones well and caring for them with the highest standards. But you may be surprised to know that the National Center on Elder Abuse has noted that reports of serious physical, sexual and verbal abuse occur frequently among the nation’s nursing homes. If you notice any signs that indicate your loved one has been mistreated at the hands of a trusted caregiver, it’s time to contact an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer at Polinsky Law Group, LLC, in Hartford.

Suspect Nursing Home Neglect?

Most likely, the nurses and companions in your loved one’s Connecticut nursing home are offering compassionate care. However, if you get the sense that something is just not quite right, look further into it. If you see signs of obvious neglect such as bedsores, or if you see your family member is suffering from dehydration, these may be signs of nursing home abuse. If they have poor personal hygiene, including overgrown nails, unwashed hair, unusual odors, etc., these may be indicators of lack of care. If your loved one complains of things missing from their room, this may also indicate abuse.

We offer free initial consultation about your nursing home neglect case. You do not pay attorney’s fees for our services if you don’t recover money. Call 860-248-7807 in Connecticut or send us an email.

Contact An Elder Abuse Lawyer If Things Don’t Seem Right

If you visit your loved one in the nursing home and see signs of neglect such as these, you may want to consider contacting one of the highly experienced nursing home abuse lawyers at our law office – Polinsky Law Group, LLC, in Hartford, Connecticut. We specialize in personal injury law, which covers nursing home neglect, and will happily answer your questions to help your loved one recover the full and fair compensation they may be entitled to.

You know your loved one better than anyone else. If they just don’t seem like themselves, you may be dealing with a case of senior abuse. There is even a possibility that your loved one could have been sexually abused. This is especially true if they seem unusually reserved. Don’t just write it off as a temporary mood swing. There could be something seriously wrong going on, so ask your loved one questions about their situation and review with the staff just to make sure nothing unseemly is going on.

Record Signs Of Abuse

Unusual bruising may be a sign of neglect or abuse. Unexplained scratches, bruises, dislocations or broken bones are certainly signs of nursing home neglect. If your elder loved one seems more disoriented than usual or is tired, or sleeping all the time due to medication overdose, it could be cause for alarm.

If the nursing home suddenly does not want you to see your senior relative, that is another clear sign of nursing home abuse. Be sure to take pictures of the injuries you see and write down or record any other unusual things you notice when you visit your loved one. Your attorney will be able to use that as potential evidence when you file your case.

Polinsky Law Group, LLC, Is Here For You

We’d like to think that the nursing home we place our relatives in would never be capable of abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, the problem is more prevalent than you might expect. According to the National Council on Aging, about 10% of U.S. adults aged 60 or older have experienced elder abuse in some form. By some estimates, up to 5 million older Americans become abuse victims each year.

No one likes to have to confront senior abuse. But you may be forced to. But don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact one of our nursing home abuse attorneys if you think your relative has been a victim of nursing home neglect.

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