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How Could a Nonprofit Be Liable for a Drug Addict’s Car Crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Picture of a Rollover Vehicle Accident Involving an SUV

A Colchester man was driving northbound on Interstate 91 when his Ford F-350 was struck by another vehicle. The resulting rollover crash was so violent that he did not survive. Now, the man’s father is seeking damages for the loss of his son. So why did he file his lawsuit against a nonprofit instead of the alleged drug addict behind the wheel?

Who Was Responsible for a Deadly Rollover Car Crash?

Back in October of 2016, a 34-year-old woman was driving down I-91 when the Volkswagen Tiguan she was driving collided with the F-350 of the 42-year-old Colchester man. She fled the scene of the crash but was followed by witnesses to a nearby Walmart.

When police arrived, they discovered that she was driving with a suspended license. Police also discovered that she was in possession of a controlled substance, and they believed she was driving under the influence. Authorities also discovered that she did not own the vehicle she was driving.

An acquaintance of the woman—the executive director of a Massachusetts nonprofit—allowed the woman to borrow a company vehicle. This was despite the fact that her license was suspended. In the eyes of the law, this could make the executive and his company partially liable for the crash.

Under this premise, the father of the man who lost his life filed a lawsuit against the nonprofit. The two parties settled for $1 million. The woman at the center of the crash overdosed before she could face criminal charges or civil litigation.

The circumstances surrounding a car crash can often determine if the victims or their family will be able to recover damages. Having an experienced attorney at the outset of your case may be the best way to discover the circumstances you will need to know. Personal injury attorneys help families put their lives back together after tragedy, so don’t be afraid to contact an attorney for help.

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