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How Can I Prove My Employer Was Responsible for My COVID-19 Infection?

The State of Connecticut has lowered its number of coronavirus cases dramatically. This is due to social distancing and people wearing masks out in public. As businesses continue to reopen, your employer may need you to come back to work. Unfortunately, doing so could increase your level of exposure to COVID-19. If you contract the … Read More

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Can I Get Unemployment If My Work Shuts Down Due to the Coronavirus?

Most of us have never seen a global pandemic like the one currently raging across the world. The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a flu-like virus that is extremely contagious. To stop the spread of this deadly disease, businesses across the country shut down and sent employees home. For some employees, their work allows … Read More

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Is an Employer Responsible for the Behavior of a Drug Addicted Employee?

Here in the state of Connecticut, almost every employer is required to have workers’ compensation insurance. This is required by the Connecticut Workers Compensation Act, which also grants a no-fault process for employees and employers. This process often prevents employees from suing employers for pain and suffering, but there are some cases that that are … Read More

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