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Must you choose between workers’ comp and a third-party claim?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Workplace Injury |

Most work accidents lead to workers’ compensation benefits for the professionals injured. Workers’ compensation coverage is a kind of protection that applies even when a worker gets hurt due to their own mistake.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation coverage isn’t perfect. It won’t completely replace lost income when someone has to take an extended leave of absence from work or change their profession because of their injury. Sometimes, the injury you suffered on the job is clearly the fault of someone else.

You were shoved over by a shoplifter in their attempt to flee the premises or hurt in a car crash while driving for work. When there is a person or business directly responsible for your injury, you could pursue a third-party lawsuit. Do you have to choose between a third-party claim and workers’ compensation benefits?

You can potentially obtain both forms of compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage can help you cover your immediate medical expenses and provide at least some financial support during your recovery. With the right support, you can get workers’ compensation with benefits and also file a third-party personal injury claim, although your workers’ compensation benefits may alter how much you can seek in the personal injury claim.

You can bring a lawsuit against the responsible party seeking anything insurance did not cover. The remainder of your lost wages and any property damage expenses are both losses you could recover in a third-party claim.

Complex claims can be very difficult to manage

Whether you have a broken bone or a brain injury, your focus should be on your physical recovery until you can return to work. The stress created when trying to manage a workers’ compensation claim or lawsuit without help could easily have a negative impact on your recovery and your quality of life.

Professional help allows you to better focus on your own medical needs well simultaneously protecting your right to financial reimbursement because of your injury. Third-party claims can help workers coping with catastrophic injuries and a lengthy leave of absence from work. Understanding your rights when you may have grounds for a third-party claim can help you minimize the financial setbacks you suffer because of a work injury.

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