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Why semi-truck collision cases can be more challenging to handle

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

People generally find the process of managing the fallout of a car crash to be very stressful and demanding. They may have to file police reports and paperwork with multiple different insurance companies. They have to arrange to have their vehicle repaired or start shopping for a replacement while simultaneously coordinating medical treatment.

The worse the crash is, the harder it can be to properly resolve all of the issues it inspires. Therefore, it makes sense that the aftermath of semi-truck collisions can be among the most difficult for people to manage. What makes semi-truck collision cases so difficult for those affected by them?

The extent of the damage

Even if no one got hurt in a semi-truck crash, a collision between two vehicles of vastly disparate sizes will usually result in severe damage to the smaller vehicle. Unfortunately, when vehicles suffer major damage, the occupants of the vehicle often end up hurt as well. Semi-trucks have a reputation for causing some of the most life-altering and severe injuries possible in a wreck in part because of the sheer momentum of a commercial truck and the inability of a smaller vehicle to absorb the impact of such crashes.

The amount of insurance coverage

There is plenty of documentation affirming how severe collisions between commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles can be, so federal policy reflects the increased risk to the public that bigger vehicles create. Specifically, there are federal insurance requirements for semi-trucks as opposed to the state-by-state approach for insurance coverage utilized for smaller vehicles.

The federal requirement for insurance mandates at least $750,000 of liability coverage for most semi-trucks, although some may need to carry more coverage because they haul hazardous materials. A bigger policy could translate to more comprehensive financial support for those affected by a semi-truck crash. However, more insurance coverage in play after a crash often leads directly to a more contentious claims negotiation process, as insurance companies will have far more to lose.

Understanding the challenges ahead after a semi-truck crash may help someone get the compensation they require given the extent of their harm caused by another party.

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