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What can you recover after a workplace injury in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Workplace Injury |

You probably know that workers’ compensation will help if you get hurt on the job. You may not really understand how those benefits work though. In fact, you may not even understand exactly what kinds of benefits Connecticut workers’ compensation can offer.

You might assume that these benefits are automatic, but you have to apply for them. Knowing the kinds of benefits you could apply for will make it easier for you to get the compensation you require to recover from your workplace injury.

Medical benefits

Unlike most forms of health insurance, workers’ compensation will pay 100% of your missed wages. Provided that the treatment is medically necessary, you can ask for coverage for anything from surgery to physical therapy.

Relapse or recurrence benefits

Especially if you develop a repetitive motion injury, a hernia or a back injury, the risk is always there for your condition to flare up again in the future and affect your job. With relapse or recurrence benefits, you can count on workers’ compensation to protect you if the condition ever causes problems again.

Disability benefits

Other than payment for medical treatments, disability benefits are probably the most common and important of all workers’ compensation benefits. You can receive a portion of the wages that you don’t earn after you get hurt on the job.

Workers’ compensation in Connecticut offers temporary partial disability for those whose injury prevents them from doing the same work during the recovery and thereby reduces their earning potential.

There’s also temporary total disability, which involves a worker unable to do any work until they recover. Permanent partial disability benefits can help those whose earning potential permanently decreases after an injury. Permanent total disability benefits will help those who cannot ever go back to work. There are even discretionary benefits available when someone has already received the maximum amount available for permanent partial disability.

Job retraining benefits

Sometimes, if you can’t do the same work you once did, you’re earning potential drops substantially. Learning new skills can help you increase your income and get a new job and a new industry that your injury won’t affect.

Understanding the benefits available can help you ask for the support you need after you get hurt at work.


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