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3 times workers need to file third-party claims for work injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Workplace Injury |

For most people who get hurt on the job, workers’ compensation is more than sufficient. Injured workers can receive up to two-thirds of their lost wages and full coverage for their medical treatment.

However, especially for higher-earning professionals and those who are the sole wage-earner for their families, the gap between what workers’ compensation pays and their usual income can represent a significant hardship. The longer someone cannot work or can only perform reduced job functions, the greater the impact of their work injury on their finances and family.

Some of these workers can close that financial gap by filing a third-party liability claim. Such claims are an option when someone other than your employer is responsible for your injury. When are such claims possible?

After a car crash on the job

Professionals ranging from inspectors to salespeople have to drive as part of their job even if they don’t work in the transportation sector. Car crashes while on the clock are a leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. In fact, car crashes were to blame for just under one-quarter of all workplace fatalities in 2019.

In a situation where another driver causes a major wreck, the worker could file a workers’ compensation claim, a motor vehicle insurance claim and a civil lawsuit against the other driver if they don’t carry enough liability insurance.

After an injury caused by defective products or workmanship

When a product malfunctions, the result may be property damage and injury to nearby people. If contractors performing work on a business’s structure or equipment repair people do inadequate jobs, employees could suffer serious injuries.

In situations where an outside business causes a worker’s injury by releasing a defective product or providing substandard services, the injured employee could bring a third-party claim against that other business.

After a crime on the job

Those seriously injured by another person in the commission of a crime can potentially take civil action against the person who broke the law. Employees who get hurt in robberies and similar criminal incidents at their workplaces could potentially take action against those involved in the illegal activity that led to their injuries.

Third-party liability claims can help injured workers struggling to make ends meet with their existing workers’ compensation benefits. Understanding when a third-party claim is an option can help you get the most compensation possible after you get hurt on the job.

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