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Is an Attorney Necessary After an Auto Accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Two Cars Crashed in a Head-on collision

A 46-year-old carpenter was driving down Route 32 when a 1999 Saab slammed into his Ford E350 van. This crash left the carpenter injured, dealing with pain and medical bills, but the other driver wasn’t insured well enough to handle the expenses. That’s when the man turned to his own insurance company to handle the auto accident. The insurance company’s response wasn’t exactly what he was expecting.

When an Insurance Company Won’t Pay Your Claim

When the Saab ran a stop sign and crashed into the carpenter’s van, the woman driving was only insured up to $20,000. Her insurance carrier paid the carpenter, but the small sum wasn’t enough to handle his damages and medical expenses.

The crash had injured the carpenter’s spine, causing pain and numbness throughout his arms, hands and neck. These symptoms not only hindered his day-to-day activities, but also reduced his productiveness at work. That’s why the man then approached his insurer to file an underinsured motorist claim. The company’s response caught the car accident victim off guard.

The carpenter filed a claim for $35,000. The company offered to settle his claim for $1,040. Such a low offer was unacceptable, so the man pursued the claim further. Before the case was to go to trial, the insurance company made a final offer of $4,500. The underinsured motorist claim continued to court.

After reviewing the facts, a jury awarded the carpenter $185,000 for his medical bills, noneconomic damages and his future noneconomic damages.

When it comes to dealing with your insurance company, many people think that their insurer is on their side. However, in cases like this, insurance companies are usually more interested in saving their bottom line. This mentality is what makes having a lawyer by your side so essential. Experienced Connecticut attorneys are not only a lifesaver in the courtroom, they can also help you when negotiating a settlement with insurance companies. When it comes to an auto accident, it’s better to have protection you can rely on, so don’t be afraid to contact an attorney.

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