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How Can I Avoid a Connecticut Truck Accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Accident Between a Truck and a Car

Some of the deadliest accidents on Connecticut highways today are truck accidents. When fully loaded, these tractor-trailers can haul as much as 80,000 pounds. That’s why any collision with another vehicle can result in the loss of life.

Worse yet, the number of truck accidents across the country have increased by 20 percent in the past two decades. So how can you and your family avoid these catastrophic collisions? Our Hartford truck accident attorney takes a closer look and the steps you can take to avoid a truck accident in Connecticut.

How to Avoid a Connecticut Truck Accident

Remaining alert and vigilant are two ways to keep you and your family safer from trucks. However, there are some other strategies that can help improve your chances of avoiding a wreck with these vehicles.

Maintain Your Distance

Did you know trucks can use up to 90 percent more space to stop than passenger vehicles? That is why you want a large gap between you and the truck behind you. Giving truck drivers enough time to respond will help avoid a crash.

Maintain Good Following Distance

It may take longer for a tractor-trailer to stop, but that does not give you extra time to brake. Following a truck too closely can end in disaster if they suddenly stop. Plus, the rear of a tractor-trailer is often so high it can collide with your cab rather than the front of your vehicle.

Maintain Visibility

If truckers cannot see you, then they cannot avoid you. This is especially important to remember considering the large blind spots on trucks. Avoid driving directly behind a truck or alongside a truck’s cab doors. Remember, if you cannot see a trucker’s face, then he or she likely cannot see you.

Watch Out for Turns

Large commercial trucks often need a lot of room to turn. These tractor-trailers can swing out over multiple lanes, especially at intersections. Anticipate such turns by looking ahead and paying attention to truck turn signals. Also, do not try to pass a truck as it is turning. You could run out of room fast.

Our Hartford Truck Accident Attorney Is Here for You

Though these tips may help you avoid dangerous situations with large trucks, they do not eliminate trucking accidents. Sometimes truckers drive recklessly or while distracted. Sometimes trucking companies neglect truck maintenance or push drivers too far. When this neglect leads to disaster, we are ready to help. At Polinsky Law Group LLC, we have the experience you need to take on trucking companies. We will stand up for your family and help guide you through this difficult time. For more tips check our page on the causes of truck accidents. You can also reach us at (860) 253-2729 for a free consultation.

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