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The most dangerous day for drunk driving crashes is almost here

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You can encounter a drunk driver on the road at any point. Although many people drink after work, some people work third shift and head home at the same time that others are on their way to brunch. Although many people drink on the weekend, some people with alcohol issues drink every single day.

There is always a risk of encountering an intoxicated driver and getting into a crash. However, there are also certain days when your statistical risk of a wreck caused by a drunk driver increases substantially.

Holidays are some of the most dangerous days of the year for drunk driving risk, and the single most dangerous day of the year is almost here.

People often ring in the New Year’s with a lot of alcohol

In many households, the people celebrate the beginning of a new year with a champagne toast. Unfortunately, that traditional glass of sparkling wine often comes after an evening of consuming mixed drinks, beers or otherwise with your friends and loved ones.

People may consume more than they usually would and stay out later than they usually would, a combination which can be particularly dangerous on the roads later. When all of those partygoers head back home for the first time during the new year, they could very well contribute to a fatal crash.

Every year, New Year’s Day and the weekend right before or after it will see a dramatic increase in the number of drunk driving deaths that occur. According to estimates from the National Safety Council, 384 people could potentially die over the New Year’s holiday due to drunk driving.

How can you avoid holiday drunk driving crashes?

You could potentially minimize your own risk by choosing not to go out on New Year’s Eve or arranging to spend the night with whoever hosts the annual party. If you do go out, making sure that you stay for long enough to sober up after a drink is important. So is ensuring that you are alert enough to safely drive.

Even though there is often a significant waiting time for rideshare or taxi services on holiday weekends, it is worth waiting to make sure that you arrived at your destination safely. Despite your best efforts, your family could still suffer the negative consequences of someone else’s drinking problem. Seeking justice after a drunk-driving crash may require that you take direct action against the person whose bad habits affected your life.

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