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3 spaces on a business’s premises where you could get hurt

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Personal Injury |

When you visit a business, your expectation is to patronize them or use their facilities to achieve a specific goal. However, a visit to the grocery store or the hairdresser might result in you suffering a serious injury, which could completely alter your plans.

Businesses should actively try to prevent incidents that might leave their visitors injured. There are certain areas in a business where your risk of getting hurt is higher. The businesses you visit should proactively try to limit the risk to their customers, especially in areas with higher potential for an accident.

The entryway

Wherever people come into a building, there is an increased risk of an injury. People can track in precipitation or dirt. Even the rugs that companies put down so that people can wipe off their shoes could get crumpled up and lead to someone tripping and falling. Higher levels of foot traffic in entryways also mean that people may try to move more quickly through the space, which can also increase the chances of someone falling and getting hurt.

Parking lots, loading docks and back alleys

Anywhere vehicles operate, there is the risk for nearby people to suffer serious injuries. Additionally, these areas may see an increased level of criminal activity as opposed to indoor spaces.

Those hoping to mug or assault a business’s patrons could wait outside in an area without lighting or security cameras. Businesses can reduce the likelihood of crime on their premises through investments in security cameras and motion-activated lights, as well as fences to restrict access to their outside facilities. 


Whether they are inside or outside, stairs are a massive source of premises liability. Even just a burned-out light bulb in a staircase could drastically increase someone’s chances of falling. Loose handrails and dirty or poorly maintained flooring could also lead to severe injuries if someone falls.

Part of what creates premises liability for a business is the reasonable foreseeability of an incident. Given that most people know that entranceways, parking lots and stairs are dangerous, businesses should invest more in the security and maintenance of these spaces.

Recognizing that a business has failed to protect its customers or visitors could lead to a successful premises liability claim against that company.

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